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What Do You Need To Recycle?

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Cost is a function of material type, volume, location and quality together with the savings that can be made on disposal of residual waste. So for example, a small office may introduce an office paper recycling scheme, which adds to the cost of waste disposal, if they simply add it to their existing waste arrangements.
Subsequently, this will reduce the volume of their residual waste- i.e. by reducing the number of lifts or size of container, which will consequently save against their overall costs.

More importantly, there are wider and longer term perspectives to consider. Landfill Tax is now rising at a rate of £3/tonne a year and will continue to rise to a government stated figure of £35/tonne. Added to the increasing underlying cost of landfill, this will place a huge additional cost on businesses.
Other legislation is having an increased affect on businesses, such as “Producer Responsibility Obligations” (see legislation page), where the environmental impact of end of life disposal, is charged to those who produced the product and placed it on the market.

The waste packaging regulations have been with us since 1997, requiring those in the packaging chain to pay towards increasing the recycling of packaging. Waste legislation covering scrap cars (ELU) and waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) has also now been introduced, whilst batteries, newspapers, tyres, office paper, junk mail and even chewing gum are all now in the firing line.
So on first sight, recycling might seem expensive. But by making savings elsewhere and considering the ever increasing costs of not recycling, can you really afford not to do it?

Expected General Waste Disposal Costs To Landfill

Just think: each time you remove a product from your waste stream, you will invariably reduce the number of uplifts and reduce your expenditure accordingly.

Waste Handling Solutions Ltd, endeavour to give practical and sensible advice to clients on their individual arrangements and if necessary arrange the required collections and the rebates for the materials collected (i.e. cardboard/plastic film/rigid plastics)

We offer a “one stop shop” to collect all of your baled recyclables and administer the rebates under our own waste carrier’s license.

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