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Talking Rubbish

Waste Handling Solutions Ltd (WHS) has become one of the UK's leading suppliers in the field of waste handling equipment.

Design flexibility enables WHS to supply a vast range of bespoke equipment to any customers with special requirements, including materials recovery facilities and turnkey projects.

With unrivalled knowledge, experience and a dedicated team of sales and service engineers, the company can offer a 'total waste handling and recycling solution' with the back-up needed for the most exacting of clients.

With a wide product range from static or portable compactors, through vertical and horizontal balers, to industrial shredders, steel banding choppers and tipping equipment in the UK.

New products are being continuously developed and incorporated into the already extensive range of equipment.

Pioneers in the supply of equipment to sort, bale and compact waste at source, the company now offer equipment that can reduce waste volumes by up to 90 per cent.

Within the range, machines can be supplied with pressures from 3 to 200 tonnes, producing tied bales weighing up to 800kg (dependant on material). All of the machines available can be supplied under an 'inflation-proof' lease or rental agreement, therefore producing immediate savings against waste expenditure.

As a licensed waste carrier, WHS can also provide clients with a 'one-stop-shop' to include the collection, disposal or, most importantly, the recycling of their waste products. Quite often a 'waste' can be turned into an income from recycling-generated revenue.

One of WHS many clients, Unomedical Ltd, have saved in excess of £20,000 per year from their waste costs since the installation of a 'mill-sized' Model No. SAM500 Baling Press and Waste Compactor. This has enabled redundant packaging to be segregated from the general waste stream and subsequently presented in a more acceptable format for recycling.

Mr Fowler, Environment Manager, commented: "The people from Waste Handling Solutions Ltd have been very helpful not only with the excellent equipment they have supplied, but they also have arranged for the collection of our cardboard and plastic film. They have arranged the whole recycling process at better rates than we had been given previously. We are now able to comply with the EU Packaging Waste Directive and are very grateful for their impartial advice."

WHS undertake a free of charge 'waste audit' for clients, firstly to establish if savings can be achieved. Thereafter, if feasible, cost-effective recommendations are put forward.


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