Waste Handling Solutions Ltd also has its own specialist division specifically for Tipping Bins & Containers.
Please see below just a few samples of our vast range.

0.50YD c/w 150mm PolyCastors Tipping Bin
0.50YD Model (0.35cu.m) tipping skip body in 3mm. Rated to carry 1 tonne. Fitted with bolt on 150mm polyurethane castors. Ideal for positioning under conveyors.
1.00YD and 0.75YD both with 300mm mesh height increase tipping bin

0.75YD Model (0.50cu.m) plus 1.0 Model (0.75cu.m) tipping bin bodys in 3mm with a mesh height increase. The waste handling
solution for carrying those lightweight, yet bulky loads - paper, cardboard etc.

Standard 1.0 Tipping Bin
Standard 1.0 Tipping Bin, complete with luggs for use with an overhead crane. Rated to 2tonne lifting capacity.
Standard Component Bin
Component Bin, for small valuable waste, complete with padlock to prevent theft.

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