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Considerable savings on transport costs, which are a major factor in the costs of waste disposal. The higher the annual quantities of waste, the higher the potential for saving costs. These mashines can solve space problems and win back loads of space by minimising the volume of loads of waste.
Compression ratio up to 10 : 1 !!!

Paddle system for cardboard and paper - powered by a separate drive and controller, the feed system increases the pre-crush effect and ensures high troughput.

Cardboard and paper ? The independently-driven paddle system forces bulky and oversized materials extremely efficiently into the compression and pre-crush screw for extra fast processing.

Pallets, crates and disposable containers ? The special design of the reinforced, oversized screw has been optimised with function specific crusher tool plates for unsurpassed performance. The purpose-designed hopper enables pallets to be fed in with ease.

Plastic sheet and light fractions

Other waste ? The docking container has a small door for disposing of material that would otherwise leak inside the compactor - another smart solution.

Low maintenance - fully automatic central lubrication system for drive components. Electronic PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) for coordinating the container`s systems and the process sequences.

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Home About Products Services Balers Compactors Choppers Used Stock